ALBUM: Anything in return


Released January 16, 2013 on Carpark Records

Engineered by Patrick Brown

Assistant Jorge Hernandez


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Anything in Return serves as a tidy synopsis of everywhere Bundick has taken Toro Y Moi to date. So there’s silky R&B, roller-rink pop, bubblegum funk, tasteful chillout music, all unified by a voice that’s grown more confident with time.
— Pitchfork
The production is succinct and focused. There’s that word; that challenge. Bundick confronts it head on; that lost feeling toward the middle of the record is nonexistent. Each song has purpose; each song has proper placement. Each song has that kick that keeps the listener engaged, even in a land of floating clouds emitting washed out melodies. The album has reason.
— Earmilk
This is sun-through-dorm-room-blinds realism that’s never known an actual afterparty, but strives for a human connection beyond merely making out.
Those talents are in full display on Anything in Return, where his ever-evolving modern pop pastiche has found an eclectic mix that’s at times both controlled and chaotic. Throughout the album, Bundick’s silken vocals and the synthy pulse of his arrangements risk lulling the listener into a sort of pseudo-engaged state, where you’re feeling the music, but not hearing it, the songs bleeding into one another.
— Paste magazine