ALBUM: Talking Through Tin Cans


Originally known as The Morning Benders

Released May 6, 2008 on +1 Records

Engineered & Co-produced Patrick Brown


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What’s different, however, between the Morning Benders and the like-minded strategy of their indie contemporaries is that rather than cherry-pick one or two top-notch compositions off their previous releases—or at least take the risk of generating all new material—the Morning Benders filled six of Tin Cans’ 11 tracks with music most listeners may already have plugged into their music library.
It takes a subtle and careful hand to craft a brief album with enough substance to pack a punch, and it appears that The Morning Bender possess that particular musical finesse. With their debut LP they show both that they are crafty in their production while also being intelligent in their lyrical trends. The story arch on this record is a really fun experience and if you can catch onto it, you’ll be fully satisfied with Talking Through Tin Cans, a great first record by a great new band.
— Sputnik Music