ep: gravedigger


Released June 22, 2015 on Smoking Room 

Recorded by Grace Coleman

Mixed and Mastered by Sean Paulson


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The band’s sound on Gravedigger is a hard hitting disarray of blissful noise that is transportive in a way that sets them apart from neighboring bands in the Bay. Somewhere between where the percussion rings and thrashes, each track finds a way to open up for grumbling bass and frantic, wailing guitar riffs under lead singer Max Freeland’s heavily looming vocals.
— The Bait Shop
...there’s a sense that the band has found themselves. The vocals are consistent and stylized, the songwriting is interesting, and most importantly, the riffs stick. Earlier material saw the band laying guitar effects on with a heavy hand, but this new material is more nuanced, even briefly introducing wind instruments to great effect.
— The Bay Bridged