Yooooooooooo so since it was the beginning of a new year we thought it was as good a time as ever to do some UPGRAYYYYEDDDDDDS! Here's the scoop:

Not only have both Studio A & B been boosted to ProTools Version 12 (can you say "offline bouncing") but Logic X AND Ableton Standard are installed as well. That's all 3 major DAWs no matter which room you're in!

Producers and Songwriters we did a lot of this for you, which means you'll also be happy to know that both rooms are also now equipped with Native instruments Komplete 11, Serum, Sylenth, all UAD, Waves Mercury, all Soundtoys, etc etc and last but certainly not least all of the Fabfilter plugins... 

We've also added some JBL mains in Studio B for those of you who like to crank dat while you work 😝🎶 hit up to book or ask questions!

                                                                                                                       - patrick

photos by Erin Conger

patrick brown