DF Welcomes Two New EarthQuaker Devices Pedals

Say hello to the Acapulco Gold and Avalanche Run pedals by EarthQuaker Devices, two new additions to the Different Fur pedal family.

Photo by EarthQuaker Devices

Photo by EarthQuaker Devices


Acapulco Gold

The Acapulco Gold is an uber-simplistic distortion pedal, inspired by the Sunn Model T.

One knob and one button makes the Acapulco easy to navigate, but it packs a punch.  At its strongest setting, this pedal is extremely loud - be careful!


Avalanche Run

The Avalanche Run is a multi-functional stereo delay and reverb pedal, containing up to three seconds of delay and six different delay modes. It also features a three-way switch that allows you to utilize reverse delay and swell reverb modes. 

This pedal was perfectly crafted for creating ambient, swirling soundscapes.

Photo by EarthQuaker Devices

Photo by EarthQuaker Devices

As always, the use of these pedals are complimentary with any session here at Different Fur. 

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Karli Helm