Lien Do

Engineer/Producer/post production

Instagram, Soundcloud, Facebook: @leviathenvoi

Engineering: $250-$450 per day or $45 per hour Assisting:$250 per day

Originally from Sacramento, CA, Lien grew up on punk, jazz, and ska which pushed them to pursue a B.A. in Music at UCDavis. There they took the classical route in ethnomusicology/percussion performance. During that time they became deeply ingrained in the college freeform radio station KDVS 90.3fm which exposed them to experimental electronic music, recording and creating music on different DAWs, and film. They joined Different Fur Studios in 2015. They are also an in-house producer for Text Me Records and works as a composer and Post Production film engineer with Matthew Pereira under the name LIEMA for their company. Other work includes being a contributing writer to Tom Tom Magazine, contributing drummer to Keith Urban The Escape Together World Tour, and one of the curated artists for SOMArts Festival ‘But Tell Me What it Feels Like’ focusing on the physics of the harmonic series. They were recently nominated for Best Music Score for a feature film at Queen Palm Film Festival




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