Single: Sons & DAughters


Released September 12, 2014

Produced Patrick Brown

Engineered Sean Paulson


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Heartwatch’s new EP is comprised of radio-friendly pop-songs, none running more than three and a half minutes. Production is superb on all six songs with Claire George’s sweet vocals gliding well atop the indie arrangements and right up front. “Faultlines” opens the recording with guitar and keyboard balanced in the instrumental mix alongside the rhythm section.
— Musical Discoveries
Surprise delivered, Heartwatch grew in to their new name with the same sense of carefree, irreverent, youthful expression they had as The Tropics. Sleepless sounded just as good as I remembered it the first time live and Sons And Daughters sounded even more urgent than my memories from January gave it credit for. By the end it all felt like a bit of a celebration.
— Soulside Funk



Released October 28, 2014

Produced by Patrick Brown