Grace Coleman


Twitter & Instagram: @gracethedaisy

Engineer: $300 per day or 45$ per hour  Assistant: $250 per day Producing: $300 per day


Born in Chicago and raised in Northwest Indiana, Grace Coleman saved tips from bussing tables until she had enough to move to San Francisco in 2009. She enrolled in Ex’pression College, and as an intern at Different Fur, brought her multi-instrumental education and experience in home recording to a professional level. Her time behind the SSL has resulted in mixes for both buzzbands and up-and-comers, mixing and tracking both live sessions and full-length albums. Artists she has worked with include PHOX, Hot Flash Heat Wave, Kid Trails, Courtney Barnett, and Fowler. Coleman came up listening to everything from At The Drive In to Barbara Streisand, playing cello, guitar, keyboards and percussion.




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