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Match Tracks is here for musical freedom. This tri-quarterly program provides Queer, Trans, Non-binary People of Color, and Women of Color access professional audio services to amplify their music. 

Why these groups? The changing Bay area housing market has had a huge impact on our musical landscape, especially amongst the groups we serve. You can see the effects reflected in the writing room, at the studio, at shows, on the radio, etc. When simply surviving in the San Francisco Bay Area is a challenge, the ability to afford professional audio services can seem impossible.

There are so many experiences, stories, and emotions to hear within our musical society. We want to take a step forward in fostering a more balanced music industry by creating a sustainable loop between artists, engineers, and the community. Utilizing funds from grants, sponsors, allies, and donors we will directly fund the labor that goes into taking care of this music, making it completely accessible on a free or pay-what-you-can basis to these groups. 

We are listener and community funded, so join us in doing this important work by making a donation towards our project! 

Match Tracks is in partnership with Different Fur Studios. It is founded by our in-house studio engineer, Lien Do, and features Matthew Pereira as Mastering Engineer, Erika Delgado as Booking Agent, Sal Tran as Photographer, and more.


We rely heavily on community support to make this happen. If you are a music lover, ally, or organization please contact us via email or donate here.



Each Artist will receive

  • Up to 5 song mixes

  • Up to 5 song mastered

  • 1 Studio A Day (Final Mixes/Mastering/Hands on training)

  • 1 photoshoot (for November and on, excludes August series)


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1. What if we have more than 5 tracks?

We ballpark for 5 only because of the labor intensive aspect of this project. Of course we would love to do your whole album/project and are open to it! We are open to finding ways to make it work like fundraising together for the extra songs, work trading, or other ways.

2. How many mix changes do we get?

We want to allow for 1-2 mix changes so you get what you want sounding right :)

3. How do I get involved?

Just ask! We are always looking for people to help on a work for trade basis, internship, donated time basis, or just to be apart of this community. We are a super small staff and are hoping to grow more in the future. Ultimately what we want is for creatives to be able to sustain themselves through this.

4. What do we own after the music is done?

We want you to own the masters! We want you to be able to go out and market your music in the way you want to. Also if you want extra support from us in marketing, production, and extra services, we are super open into making a percentage deal or whatever works for all.

5. Do you take a percentage on streaming?

No! Ideally you will be able to sustain yourself more through this music so we don’t ask a percentage on streaming. Because of that we can’t really offer producing or recording right now but hopefully in the future we will! However that being said, we do have the accessibility to producers, recording engineers, and marketers. We are willing to connect you all or offer extra services in those areas for a percentage on the backend.

6. What genres do you do?

We are approaching this project with making transparent mixes that amplify the genre that you are doing. That meaning we are focusing on the “science” of mixing rather than putting our own colors on it. So we are open to all genres!

7. Do you offer recording?

Right now we do not have the funds to be able to offer that service but are willing to teach recording techniques in the designated Studio Day. The Studio Day is there for you to be able to be hands on in a treated room with industry standard speakers (Barefoot, NS-10, Auratone). It is also there for any educational purposes you may need! You can ask whatever you want about recording, mixing, mastering and we will be glad to help. We encourage it in fact!

8. What if we only want to do mastering and not mixing and vise versa?

That works with us! We can direct you to the staff member in charge of whatever you need to work it out. If you only want one service and not the other we will have to adjust to a shorter time on your Studio Day time slot.

9. I am interested in sponsoring you all, how do I do this?

Since we are relying on community and organization support, we would love for you to sponsor us. Our main goal is to make this project as sustainable as possible. Just contact us at!

10. Crediting?

We require all the music that comes through this program to properly credit the people who worked on their project. Since it has been a huge issue in the industry to not credit people, we want to make sure that the creatives dedicating their time to making this possible get to be able to also amplify their careers through crediting. Crediting goes a long way!

11. What if a member in our group isn’t Queer, trans, non-binary, Women, or POC?

Ultimately our goal is to amplify the stories and accessibility of these marginalized groups. We are totally down to work with your project because it is your voice! We just ask for a work trade or a donation from that ally!