ALBUM: Life as a Dog


Released June 10, 2014 on Bummer Picnic Records

Engineered Patrick Brown


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As one would expect, Life As A Dog is chock full o’ K.Flay’s brashly intelligent lyrical flow, which, coupled with her beats that frequently shift from airy and chill to deeply and darkly intense, make her one of the most unique acts (hip-hop or otherwise) to emerge from the Bay Area and beyond in recent years.
— The Bay Bridged
Those that have had the chance to exclusively preview the album are describing it as hypnotic and I would 100% agree. The riffs and beats are monotonous and repetitive but this gives the album it’s distinct sound. Throughout the album, the tracks vary between elements of rap, dub-step and simplistic rhythms and beats.
The new songs are colored with do-or-die inspiration, mixing her rapid-fire verses with sleek melodies and intricate electronic arrangements. It’s also drawn out her more personal side in brutally honest songs such as “Wishing It Was You” and “Bad Things,” on which she pleads, “My mind, it goes to the darkest places.”
— SF Gate
Life as a Dog has a lot of similarities to What If Is, but it’s much more developed, and seems to have fully crossed over into K.Flay’s unique fusion of rock, rap, and pop. It’s exactly there that she’s found her calling, too, having no problem cranking out song after quality song, each one filled with clever wordplay and thought-provoking narratives.