Different Fur has always maintained its focus of providing an environment conducive to producing high quality music. It was through the hard work and love of its original proprietors that the small studio developed into a recording destination of well known mainstream musicians. In 1968 Patrick Gleeson, a musician and synthesizer enthusiast, along with John Vieira created Different Fur. The name, inspired by the eclectic fashions of friend and poet Michael McClure, was initially The Different Fur Trading Company.

Through his tenacious efforts Gleeson began working with Herbie Hancock on the album ‘Sunlight’. Fred Catero also engineered Herbie’s albums, ‘Crossings’, Sextant’, and ‘Headhunters’ at Different Fur. In the 1970’s the studio underwent many fabulous changes. With the help of John Storyk it was completely redesigned. After this Different Fur quickly brought in a wide array of well known musicians which included, Neil Young, Van Morrison, Stevie Wonder, Confunkshun, and Devo, amongst others. The studio was revamped again in the 80’s but maintained Storyk’s original acoustic design. This is when the second floor was initially remodeled. Consequently the studio welcomed such artists as Brian Eno, Phil Collins, Kronos Quartet, Jonathan Richman, Pablo Cruise, and many others.

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In 1985 the studio was sold to Howard Johnston, a long time client, and Susan Skaggs. These two upheld the reputation of Different Fur through smart management, keeping up with current trends in the music industry. 2004 was the year Johnston and Skaggs sold the studio to Jeremy Smith, an independent record label owner. Smith kept nearly all the gear that was in the studio, and upgraded it by installing Pro-Tools HD. This same year Patrick Brown was hired as an intern. Brown soon began booking his own sessions and as a result became one of the three house engineers. In 2007 Patrick took over as studio manager, and in 2008 he purchased Different Fur from Smith while continuing to produce, and engineer.