Bob Mould’s “The Descent” Released on Pitchfork

August 13th, 2012  |  Published in Featured, random

Released on Pitchfork, Bob Mould‘s first single, “The Descent” from his solo album, Silver Age, is a promising debut from the former member of Husker Du. The mixing portion of the new album was done at Different Fur with guest engineer Beau Sorenson and in-house assistant Nic Pope. The infectiously extravagant guitar hooks give fans something to look forward to when the album is released on September 4th. Performing for over thirty years, this musical legend has always managed to elevate and perfect his sound throughout his impressive career. If the rest of Silver Age is anything like “The Descent,” here’s to starting a countdown until it’s released and to another thirty years for Mr. Bob Mould.

Commentary by Jennifer Kajioka

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