YT and Patrick Brown Select Refinery29’s Top 20 Summer Songs

August 1st, 2012  |  Published in news

Refinery29, the online source for all that is new and relevant, asked Yours Truly and Different Fur’s Patrick Brown, for their “20 Must-Download Summer-Party Songs.” Delivering news and guides related to fashion, art, and culture from “experts who their city best,” it’s only appropriate they ask the folks at Yours Truly and Brown, for their guidance. Included on Yours Truly’s list was Lee Fields & The Expressions’ “Faithful Man,” and “Too Young for Love” by Superhumanoids. Brown selected songs such as “Short Straight Bangs” by A B & The Sea, “Easy” by Thao, and “Halfway to Heaven” by POP ETC. To see the full list of songs to play during your next BBQ, click here.

Commentary by Jennifer Kajioka

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