I Wanna Take It All Back – In Memory of Jesse Morris

November 11th, 2011  |  Published in Featured, friends

This past Sunday, legendary BART busker and San Francisco street musician, Jesse Morris, passed away. Known by many as the “Punk Rock Johnny Cash,” Jesse had been a welcomed staple at the 24th Street BART station armed only with his guitar, tattoos, and his remarkable voice.

For Morris playing at BART was like his job. He was interviewed by BART.gov in 2009 and he had this to say about why he liked playing in the station: “The acoustics are good down here, the people are friendly. They stop and listen, they tip, they smile…I have a good time down here. …I work at the station entertaining people. I get to do what I love, and I can make a living at it.”

If you’re looking for a way to remember this legendary local singer and also help his family during this difficult time, you can download a never-before-heard session of an unfinished country album Jesse began recording in 2008 with engineer Nic Pope. The compilation, entitled I Wanna Take It All Back, is available for download with a suggested donation of $5. All proceeds will be donated towards the memorial service.

And make your way over to The Uptown in Oakland tonight for the Benefit Show for the Family of Jesse Morris. The Grannies, The Undead Boys, and Nuetralboy will be tearing up the stage in honor of Jessie. Doors are at 9pm and admission is $8 or as much as you would care to donate. Rest in peace Jesse Morris, San Francisco will miss you deeply.

Commentary by John Promani

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