Tips For Japan Relief // One Night Stand

July 29th, 2011  |  Published in Upcoming Shows

So we all know why hospitality workers brave the long, social-life smashing hours, weird co-workers and down right cranky customers, right? Clearly, it’s the tips! Now imagine every one of those workers, just for One Night, donated all their tips to help out a cause. Well that’s actually the idea behind Grayson Lobosky’s One Night Charity, a foundation created to get money to the people who need it the most; tsunami ravaged Japan. It’s been only a few months and Japan still has a long way to go to right itself.

So bartenders, hostess, servers, bar backs, anyone whose feeling the tip love these days…Unite! Use that pumping organ in your chest and skip that knock-off bender just ONE night and donate your earnings. Even if you’re not in hospitality you can still chip in by dining (and tipping big!) at participating restaurants, which are listed on the site. So get out there, this is a just cause if there ever was one.

Commentary by Lauren Kroner

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