ALBUM: Product 3


Released October 23, 2015 on Anti, Inc.

Engineered by Patrick Brown


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With Product 3 Beat Connection maintain the eclectic dance collage that have defined their incredibly interesting career thus far, but they do so in a cohesive and effective manner. With their debut on ANTI- Records, Beat Connection show off their strengths in all the best ways. Product 3 is the record they have been working towards for a long time, and the result is pristine.
Product 3 is undoubtedly a more refined, mature release. It’s socially-conscious, self-aware, and features a more subdued, lounge-y feel. While Beat Connection can surely whip up a hypnotic party anthem, this is a sublime soundtrack for the morning after, as well.
— Culture Collide
The songs are understated yet energetic, with an eccentric genre palette that deftly cuts a path through electronic pop, rock, hip-hop, and R&B without ever plunging head-on into any one sound. It’s all catchy verses atop relaxed, feel-good instrumentation that lets its various components subtle shimmer in and out of the mix. The result is the most daring and sophisticated music of Beat Connection’s career.
— Stereogum
But what they remain through it all is surprising and effortlessly funky, each song appealing to a different side while retaining a strange sense of cohesion. To pull off that kind of dexterity is impressive at the best of times, but to do it with such ease is where the joy of listening to Beat Connection lies. They turn out a fine album and then deliciously tag a name like Product 3 as if it were just another thing on their factory line.